Team JEH cranked up the juice on this campaign. One of the things we love doing is helping with the  full scope of the campaign. That means helping develop concept and design, pitch and execution of the project. By using this approach, we were able to streamline and get the best budget savings production value for the client. With one location, real people and a fast turnaround, there was no other way! The final product fell right in line with their vision and goals for the campaign.


Director: Tony Gallardo

DP: Adam Schwartz

Producer: Doug Krainman

Post Production: TEAM JEH

This was a fun project to do. We fell i nlove with the Canon 1DC suggested by our DP, Adam Scwartz. Its a great little cam with a wicked awesome sensor. Check it out. Besides that, We had a blast on this one, great client, agency, crew and talent came together nicely.