Let's Get Reel.

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    With a love for story telling and a dedication to implementing them, Chris Haley takes the reigns as the companies in house Director and Lead Creative. Studying under great mentors in all facets of the production process, he brings to the table a well rounded skill set that serves from the conception of an idea, to the creative choices that realize that idea, to the technical challenges of accomplishing them, for any client, and any medium. “I love telling stories, I love the creative process and I love serving business’s and agencies in an ever changing visual landscape. The future is opening up so many untapped video opportunities, let me help you tap them.” ~Chris
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    A lifetime spent in front of as well as behind the camera gives Jackie a blend of talents and sensibilities as a director that are both unique and powerful. His own acting background gives him an incredible knack for bringing out the best in the actors he directs. His ability to bring out the best in the creative goes hand in hand with his abilities as a storyteller and filmmaker. Whether the creative calls for comedy, human, warm and fuzzy, over the top, or straight from the heart, Jackie gets to the essence of the message, and tells the story as it should be told.
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    We work with some of the finest local and regional visual artists available. We nurture our relationships with other artists and companies, and are always open to a collaboration taking on different shapes and structures for each project, especially in todays ever changing advertising landscape. In addition to offering and hiring other directors for our projects needs, we offer our in house post production facilities, and production services, to plug in to the working pipelines of other creatives and professionals.