Case.Study: Christus Children's Hospital Portraits

Real People, Real Stories: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Christus Children's Hospital of San Antonio

Christus Children's Hospital of San Antonio had a wonderful campaign developed and designed by The Atkins Group, who came to us with a very specific idea and feel they wanted for this series. The challenge was creating a series of vignettes that reveal these amazing stories and keep true to it's fabric.


 Gabby's Story 30Sec

 Gabby's Story 60Sec

 Gabby's Full Story

 Mackenzie's Story 30Sec

 Mackenzie's Story 60Sec

 Mackenzie's Full Story

We enjoyed spending time with these amazing families and getting to hear their accounts of victory and triumph.
In working insync with the agency, JEH was tasked with helping design the look and feel that the creative team was looking for. For us, it was important to have a style or design that helped the story along and allowing the parents tell their story. 

Director: Tony Gallardo

DP: Jamie Rosenberg

Producer: Doug Krainman