• ADDY's and Telly's and Bears, Oh My!

    Wow.  It’s already May! Where does the time go?  For us here at JEH, the time has gone into projects - lots of projects -, which is good because we love what we do. AND we continue to be lucky to work with some great peeps and great creative.  Right now, among other things, we’re finishing up some new TV spots for Brake Check and Goodwill of San Antonio, and a project for GVEC.  Stay tuned and we’ll share it when it’s completed.

    And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion… 

    After taking home 9 ADDY awards, (as well as 2 Telly Awards) at the regional level for our recent CHoSA, Resolute and ClearTalk (gotta love a Panda) work, we are happy to announce that three of our CHoSA (Children’s Hospital of San Antonio) videos were awarded ADDYs at the District Level (Silver for Gabi and Reid; Bronze for Evan).  This is a first for JEH!  Now on to the Nationals, fingers crossed…

    We also have some big Jackie news for you as well, as Mr. JEH himself is all set to make his feature film directorial debut.  Criminal Activities, starring John Travolta, Michael Pitt, Dan Stevens and Rebecca Da Costa, begins filming later this month.  Also appearing in the film is very own Christopher Haley, making his big-screen debut.  Can’t wait! #JEHProud

    Finally, we’re looking for an editor who has experience with FCP X to help us out for about 6 weeks.  If that’s you or someone you know, please shoot the info to us at

    Thanks y’all, and see you soon!

    ~Team JEH

  • Our World, and the World We Live In

    Hey Peeps!

    Lots of changes going on here at JEH - new computers, new software, and giving the office a (much needed) facelift. Scratch that - complete remodel.   Oh yeah, and there is this shiney new website too!   We'll be keeping you updated on all our goings on right here in this blog, including our latest projects, as well as regular updates on where we are with our new cutting edge editing system inmplementation.

    To kick it off, take a listen to this week's episode of the The FCPX Grill podcast, featuring an interview with our own Tony Gallardo, discussing our new editing system.  Techy, intereresting stuff, and Tony sounds so dang smart!  Give a listen here: FCPX GRILL PODCAST

    Till next time!

    ~Team JEH